I am a confident, committed and highly motivated person with an enthusiasm for creative thinking. I am dynamic, flexible and can adapt to situations requiring independence and teamwork. For me maintaining a healthy work and home life is important. Not only is it healthy for the mind, my family life inspire me to keep pushing my boundaries and manage my self improvement, helping me adapt to future challenges.

With eight years experience behind my in the graphic design industry I am now well versed in the usual design software - specifically Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and some knowledge of Dreamweaver. I also have extensive experience in Freehand. Of course software knowledge is nothing without experience. I have worked on projects from corporate brochures and marketing material through to freelance website front end design. To develop my web design skills I am currently expanding my skill set to include HTML, CSS and PHP in my spare time to give myself a better understanding of website back end construction to help me deliver intelligent, content rich online experiences.

In my current position I also work as customer account manager, acting as the interface between customers and the design team for nearly three years. I must ensure that quotations are prepared in a timely manner, liaise with production staff and sub contractors to ensure we are delivering the correct product for the customers needs. This can vary on a daily basis, managing projects from simple flyers through to complete suites of marketing products. Work must then be delegated to the appropriate team member to ensure that projects are completed in the time frame and budget allotted. To manage this position well it is vital that I balance my account management and design appropriately to ensure the smooth throughput of work to the team.